My friends need your help

If we collected the spare change found in the pockets of the people reading this post I am confident we would overshoot the meagre target by a few hundred bucks. So do me a favour and harass everyone you know for whatever the have in their couches.


Kathmandu revisited

I actually arrived a few days ago but between the jet lag, hangover, and scope of reconnaissance this post took a while…

The flight was 27 hours, most of which I spent asleep due to planes not being overly exciting environments. We missed our final connection and were thus potentially trapped and visaless in Delhi. Luckily they didn’t want us there any more than we wanted to be there so we were rushed through security and crammed onto a plane so old it had a call button to get the stewardess to bring you a cigarette. The fact that it had at least been repainted since the cold war was of little consolation as it wheezed to gain altitude, but hey I lived….