Learning To Like Banana Pankcakes

Normally I have a bunch of pictures on the side of my posts, but I am not going to order a bunch of pancakes just to photograph them as an example. You’ll have to order them yourselves. Or click here for Google images if you are that lazy, admit it you just clicked it didn’t…


How I Survived Voluntary Kidnapping

Ordinarily my posts are fairly short as I generally spend a few hours following monkeys, attending some event, or throwing paint at children before I become dangerously low on caffeine. There is nothing more depraved and unpredictable than a Tim in the midst of caffeine withdrawal.


Maha Shivaratri at Pashupatinath

As if that is not the most confusing title in the world. Allow me to explain some of the terms before I start rambling… Maha Shivaratri is essentially Shiva’s birthday, which translates to a few hundred thousand people milling about in a haze of hash smoke to the incessant beat of drums and instruments as…