A series of delays

So I haven’t posted anything since I left Kathmandu. For those of you I haven’t talked to since I came back to Canada I am alive and safely outside the range of the additional quakes hitting Nepal. There will be significant delays in posting as I try to sort out what I am doing over…


If this rooms a rockin…

So I was lying in bed when the damn thing started jumping and shaking like it was possessed. An earthquake with a magnitude of 7.5 hit Kathmandu and wrecked my neighbourhood and specifically my neighbours house.


Thrillingly lazy days in Hoi An

The primary draw for me was coffee, as it usually is, and boats. The entire place seems to exist solely for the purpose of drinking coffee and tooling about the river pointlessly. I really enjoyed it.


Fun Friggan Tastic Hostel

This isn’t a paid plug for the hostel or anything I just really like it. I actually came back to this hostel again after a brief visit to Hoi An, being a broke assed hobo that says quite a bit.