Charlie’s Chocolate Factory

So since I am now in Burnaby and new to the area I needed to find a doctor. My new doctor happens to be located next to Charlie’s Chocolate Factory. I swear that fact played no part in my decision making process. That disclaimer made, I get to go to the chocolate factory a lot, and it is awesome.


Vancouver Pride Parade

There were many, many, many baffling things. One of which, Was what I presume was an alien blowing bubbles. I didn’t get a good photograph though, I suspect some sort of futuristic anti-evidence gathering technology was clearly at work.
There was also a surprising number of Batmen and women… Not a clue as to WHY exactly, but they were there.


Adventures In Science!

Well… by science I mean the dessication of organic matter. Which is a fancy way of stating that I put a bunch of sliced fruit in a dehydrator. The first batch worked out pretty well and resulted in a bowlful of dried fruit that I consumed in under an hour. Needless to say I did…


27 members of the 27 Club

The ’27 Club This is a weird coincidence that spawned a myth, mostly because the people involved were famous. Essentially an incredibly large number of famous people die at the age of 27. It is entirely possible that fame simply begins to catch up with people at that age, but t However some of those…

Clearwater River. Northern Alberta. 2005

Rural Soviet Canuckistan

My readers will note that I was able to post from third world countries during natural disasters, by contrast I was unable to post anything for the entire month of June while in northern Alberta due to the intense shittyness of the internet.