The gathering formerly known as Schaubpalooza

So for quite some time our entire clan of miscreants has gathered annually, I’d like to say there is some nefarious purpose to it but mostly it is just an excuse to drink and pawn your offspring off on your less devious relations for a few hours.


Of Christmas’s past

So I’m sitting around in Vancouver awaiting xmas, the house is fully defended against any overweight elven intruders regardless of how merry they do or do not appear. I am reminded of the absolute worst Christmas ever spent in the worst possible place to celebrate. I speak of course of last year in the alcohol…


Delays, distractions, and rodents

So I am sure most of you already know my book came out at the beginning of the month. This caused a lot of my time to be taken up doing a final proof on the print copy and downing Tylenol like it was ecstasy in 2001, so I haven’t posted anything in way to damn long.