Kathmandu revisited

I actually arrived a few days ago but between the jet lag, hangover, and scope of reconnaissance this post took a while…

The flight was 27 hours, most of which I spent asleep due to planes not being overly exciting environments. We missed our final connection and were thus potentially trapped and visaless in Delhi. Luckily they didn’t want us there any more than we wanted to be there so we were rushed through security and crammed onto a plane so old it had a call button to get the stewardess to bring you a cigarette. The fact that it had at least been repainted since the cold war was of little consolation as it wheezed to gain altitude, but hey I lived….


Impending Doom… and other stuff

After a long absence and spotty posting at best I am returning to the far and weird reaches of the Himalayas. A number of people made all sorts of ridiculous requests for things from Batman, a few others want salt candles… People are weird. Inflict this on your friends


Useful Advice

I know right!?

Me posting something useful instead of confusing ramblings about animals I brawled with. But here it is because you asked for it, literally people kept emailing me. Most of this stuff is already listed in the Travel section but I decided to put it all here as a reminder/way to keep people from emailing me >.<


Story Time, Now with 30% more robots

Every day I try to force myself to write for an hour. Literally one hour exactly. No more. So I often find myself either writing nonsense for a few minutes or ending things rather abruptly. It’s fun. Anyhow this is the result of one of those hours…