Impending Doom… and other stuff

After a long absence and spotty posting at best I am returning to the far and weird reaches of the Himalayas. A number of people made all sorts of ridiculous requests for things from Batman, a few others want salt candles… People are weird. Inflict this on your friends


Useful Advice

I know right!?

Me posting something useful instead of confusing ramblings about animals I brawled with. But here it is because you asked for it, literally people kept emailing me. Most of this stuff is already listed in the Travel section but I decided to put it all here as a reminder/way to keep people from emailing me >.<


Story Time, Now with 30% more robots

Every day I try to force myself to write for an hour. Literally one hour exactly. No more. So I often find myself either writing nonsense for a few minutes or ending things rather abruptly. It’s fun. Anyhow this is the result of one of those hours…