Strange days and delays

So assuming you have been paying attention you will have noticed a fairly sharp decline in the frequency of my posts. There are a bunch of reasons that involve poor internet connections and hoboing around Canada. I’ll just give you a quick synopsis of some of the random crap I neglected to write about.


Boonstock, a guest post

So…. I didn’t have time to actually attend Boonstock, also I am old… Also apparently lame… anyhow I managed to find an attendee willing to write a guest post about their experience at the future eardrum damage sufferers club, also known as Boonstock. “Totally unorganized but on the bright side we got away with anything!…


Filthy Newspaper Thief – A Salmmy shortstory

The moon swam naked, a celestial exhibitionist alone in the inky black sky. Far above the street, not quite so high as the moon but still fairly high up, Salmmy stood before the window in his small apartment attached to his small shabby office. He gazed out onto the street for a long time before turning around slowly to address the prattling old bird.