An Issue of Nomenclature

Vagabond Tim

As sent to Daily show staff:

Daily show staff et alii,

I have been watching the show for several years now and am a huge fan; As I am sure you are aware your viewership is quite large and as evidenced by various polls, quite heavily influenced by the content of the show as well as framing of particular issues.

I would like to extend my thanks for years of hilarious and informative comedic journalism, however for years I have been bothered somewhat by your introductory voice over.

This might seem a trifling matter, but I must take exception to your stance on the pronunciation of 2010, be it intentional or not.

We as people have a very long held position on the convention of date pronunciation, for example ask yourself how these dates should be spoken:   1984, 1492, 1812  in all cases one would state the date as a pair of numbers, nineteen eighty-four for example.

Now I appreciate that for a brief period from 2000-2009 many adopted the policy of stating two thousand, however this brief flicker in nomenclature in no way justifies the continuation of such a stance.

I would hope to see this corrected as soon as time permits, to quote Ben Parker “With great power comes great responsibility”, your fine program certainly fits the bill in terms of societal impact, and should therefor recognize the responsibility to weigh very consciously the impact your potentially unintentional stance may have on the future.

I of course understand given production dates and the cost of re-recording the introduction this may take some time.

I await your response.

The Vagabond


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