Vagabond Tim

Dear Pizza 73,

Let me start by saying there is no better pizza the next day than Pizza 73, the added benefit of being able to order online while deeply entrenched in an inebriated stupor cannot be overstated.

However I have noticed a seeming lack of R&D in the pursuit of pizza science, to wit Poutine Pizza.

Attached is an image of the aforementioned pizza so desperately craved and unavailable.

While I appreciate the difficulty in crafting such an astounding feat of culinary engineering I believe your fine company more than up to the challenge.

Based upon my own research and baseless supposition I suspect smaller fries and a reduced amount of gravy as compared to standard poutine would be an asset in matching cooking times as well as preventing the crust from becoming soggy.

Should this letter result in the availability of said pizza I would in no way desire credit for the idea or fiscal recompense, however I would never object to a free sample or admission into the focus groups no doubt required to dial in the recipe to ensure the quality of product I have come to expect.

The Vagabond

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