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The ’27 Club

This is a weird coincidence that spawned a myth, mostly because the people involved were famous.

Essentially an incredibly large number of famous people die at the age of 27. It is entirely possible that fame simply begins to catch up with people at that age, but t However some of those on the list were not entirely famous during their lifetime. Age 56 is apparently more lethal though, as is explained here.

I always thought this was a commonly known thing but after a few people had no idea what I was talking about I realized that A. I watched entirely to much MTV as a kid, and B. That I should post something about it. So without further Ado here is a list of people who are dead, in no particular order… Well I mean sure they all DIED in a particular order but that is not the order in which this list appears.

1   Alan Wilson – Singer and Composer

2   Jimi Hendrix – Singer Guitarist

3   Linda Jones – Soul Singer

4   Janis Joplin – Singer Songwriter

5   Jim Morrison – Singer Songwriter

6   Amy Winehouse – Singer Songwriter

7   David Alexander – Bassist and Composer

8   Pete Ham – Singer Songwriter and Guitarist

9   Jacob Miller – Singer Songwriter

10 Alexander Bashlachev – Singer Songwriter and Guitarist

11 Kurt Cobain – Singer Songwriter

12 Dyke Christian – Singer Songwriter and Bassist

13 Alan Wilson – Harmonica player and Singer Songwriter

14 Robert Johnson – Delta Blues musician

15 Jesse Belvin – R&B Singer and Pianist

16 Brian Jones – Singer Songwriter and Rock God

17 Malcolm Hale – Guitar and Trombone player

18 Ron McKernan – Organist (Founding member of the Grateful Dead)

19 Chris Bell – Singer Songwriter

20 Kristin Pfaff – Singer Songwriter

21 Sean McCabe – Singer Songwriter

22 Raymond Rogers – ‘Freaky Tah’ was an MC and Rappist

23 Pat Tillman – Linebacker and Army Ranger (Not a musician but well worth googling for info)

24 Louis Chauvin – Pianist and Composer

25 Helmut Köllen – Bassist, Vocalist, and Race Driver

26 Nat Jaffe – Swing Jazz Pianist

27 Gary Thain – Bassist

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  1. Claire
    July 11, 2015 at 06:46

    Thanks for sharing that Tim. All jest apart, I do actually find it interesting.

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