A Fanta Voyage

Vagabond Tim
The popular beverage Fanta has a very interesting history. Just like IBM made computers and Ford made tanks for the nazis, Coca-Cola made them Fanta. Before anyone thinks this was an accident remember that they recently called the 40’s “the good old days” in the 75th anniversary commercial for Fanta.

So Coke was sold in Germany until some assholes from Japan attacked Pearl Harbor and caused the Americans to suddenly notice that Nazis suck… Yeah I know, weird. Anyhow this meant Coke in germany was no longer able to get the ‘Coke Syrup’ because they were Nazis and such. So Max Kieth, the guy in charge of ‘Der uber cola’ or whatever, decided to throw garbage or the “leftovers of leftovers” in instead and then add shitloads of sweetener. He then named it Fanta based on the german word for imagination. As Germany conquered Europe they brought with them trade embargos and therefor Fanta. The garbage was different in different places so we ended up with things like the Dutch one full of friggan elderberries.
This stuff was/is gross so it only actually became popular as a broth for soup. See this ‘Soda’ is made of ground up plant garbage and sugar. Due to rationing this meant it actually found a market.

So next time you have a hankering for Nazi soup stock grab a Fanta I guess…

His condition was likely caused by Dutch Fanta

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