A Nepali Birthday Party

Vagabond Tim
So it’s my brother’s birthday and we are in Nepal, naturally I arranged a full-on crazy Nepali birthday party and invited a bunch of the oddballs I know from around the world.

In preparation for the event I got him a Daura Suruwal and Dhaka Topi as well as a cake with Nepali writing on it. I was told that for some reason no one writes in Nepali characters on cakes… Probably because it is hard to read.

Anyhow the celebration involves a plate of something on fire, some incense, and an apple mysteriously enough… Anyhow a string of garland and a Khata are put on the victim (Birthday person) then a bunch of red dyed rice or wax stuff is put against their head as various well wishes are made and gifts (mostly money) are given. Theoretically flowers are also sprinkled on him but since I am a jerk I just threw a fistful of them on his head and called it done.

Once the whole creating a colourful mess is taken care of there was a bunch of momos (Not technically part of the ceremony but… Momo doesn’t need a reason) Since the momo were drenched in chili sauce they also required beer, which as far as I am concerned is a part of every adult birthday celebration.

Now suitably full of food and beer we ate a massive cake and somehow ended up playing board games… I blame Dave. One of these board games like Goats and Tigers which is surprisingly fun although it led to many comments about goats banding together to kill tigers… It made me think of this.

The entire evening went well with far less monkey knife fights than expected…

In short happy birthday Dave.


Punam is largely responsible for organising the whole thing, as such she did the whole ritual thing properly


Arpan, like myself is a jackass, so things were done… Less properly


Jimsi decided to follow Punam’s lead and actually did things correctly


The victim… Er, brother

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