A poor start to a tour in ‘Nam

Vagabond Tim

After saying my goodbyes at home I went to baked’n’fresh and had a cappuccino, taking the time to tell Ramesh I was leaving for at least a month, perhaps longer. I am still highly uncertain exactly when I will be back in Kathmandu.


Since I had all my camera gear in my luggage this was the only photograph I managed to take on the first day in Saigon

Kathmandu’s airport is a model of inefficiency. I stood in line for about 90 minutes as half of the people in front of me in the carry-on only line argued with the counter people that they should be allowed to check baggage despite clearly being in the wrong line.
Instead of simply telling these people to fuck off to the correct line in advance they slowed our line immeasurably while also slowing the checked baggage line by dumping the uncheckable baggage onto the already busy line. The best part of course being that every time this occurred they had to stop both lines and re-enter all the passenger information before proceeding to the next illiterate halfwit.

By the time I landed in Delhi I was in no mood to put up with dumbasses with the IQ of wet bread and a sense of false authority granted to them by the fact that they were wearing a uniform.
After explaining numerous times that the reason I do not set off metal detectors is that I am not a fucking moron and placed all my metal and electronics in a single handbag that they had already x-rayed I began to become somewhat belligerent.

They finally waved me through as they were unable to come up with any further reason to annoy me. Once I had gone through security and reached the duty free/foodcourt I was informed all the cash machines are on the outside of security.

I inquired at a few shops and every single person told me it was ridiculous and stupid, that it hurt their businesses and that they were sick of explaining this because the airport is managed by mongoloids (paraphrased)

So having no money I foresaw a major problem in Vietnam when I try to pay for my visa…

Since my layover was 15 hours and the chairs seem designed by a malevolent chiropractor I opted to spend my time in one of the rather expensive paid lounges.

Now, since I had no money I couldn’t actually pay for the right to sit quietly in the unused room with nice chairs so I just walked past the guard guy and had a nap in the chairs anyway.
I was fully concious when they asked me if I had a ticket for the lounge but opted to feign unconsciousness rather than leave and sit in the god damn lobby.

It is baffling to me how airports in so many countries are so horribly mismanaged. From security procedures and other routine delays to the lack of cash machines, bathrooms, and other things one might want when travelling or trapped in a building for half a day.
This coupled with the incredibly sickening and overpowering scent of the duty free area one is forced to walk through is easily enough to cause even the most sedate of individuals to snap and do everything in their power to cause chaos. To that end I managed to drink 12 litres of free water and juice in the lounge. It wasn’t supposed to be free mind you, but I was well beyond caring.

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