A series of delays

Vagabond Tim

So I haven’t posted anything since I left Kathmandu. For those of you I haven’t talked to since I came back to Canada I am alive and safely outside the range of the additional quakes hitting Nepal. There will be significant delays in posting as I try to sort out what I am doing over the next few weeks. I could, as some other bloggers have, post inanity about the various uninteresting things that occur day to day but I won’t.

I am however working on finding a few other avenues to pursue in terms of writing so you may very well be subjected to the weird and semi-random topics I find to write about however I seriously doubt that I will continue to post weekly as I have been for the last few years.

Hopefully there will be something in the near future that I find entertaining enough to write about on a recurring basis. Do everyone a favor and subscribe to the blog so that you get updates as they are posted and can follow along when I do start posting with regularity.

Vagabond Tim

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