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Vagabond Tim

Ahoy hoy,

Some people call me Tim… most actually, now that I think about it…

I spent several years doing all manner of technical and quite frankly boring things that people begged me to stop talking about before losing my mind and running away from home.

Having almost no idea what I was doing and a unique talent for finding the worst possible way to do things taught me a lot about repairing electronics in my former life so I applied those same skills to traveling, I ended up sleeping on train station steps and wandering through caves with no idea where I was.

Bespoke sleeping treeI would strongly advise others to learn from, rather than repeat, my mistakes.
So I will be providing advice on what not to do and how to save yourself a lot of time and frustration abroad, from finding deals on accommodation and transportation, the must see places well off the beaten track, foods and beverages that no one knows about or enjoys, to ways around those pesky work permits and visa time limits.

To that end I have created several ways for you to hear about and learn from the often entertaining situations I find myself somehow involved in.

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While I am driven to experience things, I am equally in love with collecting and sharing the stories of others. If you find yourself thinking of some absurd situation in life, or favorite crazed myth from the old country, send it to me, it truly will make my day.