Adventures In Science!

Vagabond Tim
Well… by science I mean the dessication of organic matter. Which is a fancy way of stating that I put a bunch of sliced fruit in a dehydrator. The first batch worked out pretty well and resulted in a bowlful of dried fruit that I consumed in under an hour. Needless to say I did not feel well. I have quite a bit of experience making myself sick.

The strawberries were so very packed with strawberry flavour it was like eating a whole jar of jam… sort of in a good way. The Kiwi fruit was another awesome choice. I strongly suggest finding a dehydrator if you are the type of person who has trouble eating the suggested massive quantities of fruit the government suggests. I guess you could use the resulting chip things for some kind of creative food thing but I just ate them by the fistful.

The lemons and limes were sliced up with such high hopes. It really seemed like a good idea. I powdered them with confectioners sugar and wished them the best during their 36 hour ordeal in the machine. What came out can only be described as the bitterest most hateful thing ever to exist. Every bite was face pinching agony. In short, bitter fruits are a very, very, bad choice.





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