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For reasons I cannot explain even with the application of fairly advanced googlefu, I am unable to connect android devices to my chromebook… Seems like something that one would ensure works on devices all made by the same people, but I digress.

The reason I mention this is that I was unable for quite some time to get Arpans photos from his phone and thus had to delay my mockery of him and his family.

However the problem has been solved by using a different laptop and some thumb drives. So here goes.

For a week or so prior to his leaving Arpan was collecting tiny versions of the local police uniform. Apparently they do not make boots tiny enough so they had to go with black shoes. Other than that the uniform is spot on.

So spot on in fact that his nephew walked around the market for an hour or so ordering people around. He claimed that they were all afraid of him, Arpan claims that he is just adorable so adults were humouring him. I am not sure who I believe. Look at that kid and tell me he isn’t terrifying.

In addition to contributing to the delinquency of a child by assisting in his attempts to impersonate an officer there was a few strange events relayed to me during the week. For example part of the festival, seen on the right, involves quite a bit of wax and straw. Another part that I cannot show for reasons of propriety involves sitting around shirtless and drinking beer.

There is also some historic ritual animal slaughter, it was hard to get details on it as apparently it is a political issue at the moment. In short people get together with family and kill and eat critters, mostly goats. How this is different from say, any given Saturday is beyond me.

To get to the ‘village’ Arpan is from is an 18 hour bus ride, being Nepal it actually takes about 26 hours. The alternative is a 45 minute flight costing about 80$, so clearly the 15$ bus was the way to go. I received many a text message during his trip that all contained the phrase ‘My ass is so numb.’

This village I later learned is actually a sizeable city, it just isn’t Kathmandu and is therefore
deemed a village for some reason.

During the trip I was told that there was a good chance Arpan would bring a goat back with him. I should have realized that much like when he tells me he brought home some chickens, he means meat, not actual live animals. Luckily this was the case with the goat, although I do have a spare room a goat could stay in if he needed a place to crash. Just saying, if anyone knows a goat who isn’t using couchsurfing hook him up.

On an unrelated note I have totally been neglecting the blog due to spending way to much time working on my book. It is basically a detective novel about a Salamander named Salmmy. Hopefully I can get it done in the next month or so and stop forgetting to post on the blog for two weeks at a time.


Arpan assures me that if we visit next year there will be running water in the house, until then it’s buckets and pumping


One of the key components of the festivities seems to be constructing a straw hat on the wax covered head of ones brother


Arpan’s nephew posing for a photo on his last day before going undercover as a toddler


Because everyone abandoned me to visit family I decided to spend some time with an old friend

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  1. Sandra
    November 5, 2014 at 11:09

    It’s a trap!!

    You eat way too much goat vindaloo for that to be a good idea 😛

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