Aleandro and why horseshoes are lucky

Vagabond Tim

I should begin by mentioning that this is my retelling of a favorite Roma myths, I honestly have no idea where it comes from originally…

For whatever reason their version of the four horsemen were riding around spreading pestilence and suffering across the land. Since the story is of Roma origin it more than likely involves a necromancer in some way. These four horseman, named Ill health, Ill fortune, Hunger, and Despair, had decided to split up as they were not being opposed and thought it best to maximize the damage they could cause. At some point Aleandro Kalderasha, a warrior of sorts was sitting around a campfire talking shit as he was want to do, about how they were lucky they had not run afoul of him and so on.

When Ill fortune heard about this he was fairly justifiably upset and went to make an example out of this loudmouth. Aleandro being a man of his word rode out to meet and do battle with Ill fortune, not knowing exactly how horrible a thing he was about to fight. When he arrived he beheld a massive corpse upon a decaying stead, towering over himself and his small horse. Within the merest moment Aleandro realized that fleeing was his only option, a point his horse seemed to concur with completely.

So tearing down the road is a small somewhat inebriated and garishly dressed fellow followed closely by a massive rotting monster from the depths of hell, precisely the scene Ill fortune had hoped to achieve. As they passed through a town and beyond the sight of the townsfolk Aleandro’s horse lost a shoe which went spinning backward into the face of Ill fortune and killing him instantly. Not being the sort of fellow to let his horse run about shoeless for a long period Aleandro went and retrieved it before riding home.

Arriving at his house in no mood to begin re-shoeing a horse he simply hung the shoe near the door and lay down for a nap. A few hours later having heard of their brother’s ‘murder’ the remaining three arrived at Aleandro’s house intent on making him suffer horribly before dying. Still fairly groggy and asleep Aleandro opened the door and was immediately shocked awake by the wretched things standing outside, as he stepped back they advanced across the threshold into the house whereupon they saw the offending shoe. Being slightly hung over and in no mood to die just yet Aleandro calmly asked of the brother’s “you are aware that horses have four feet, yes?”

Despite being undead and not overly bright the implication was not lost on them and they fled. To this day horseshoes stand as a reminder to the three surviving brothers, often hanging above or in sight of the threshold just in case.

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