Alpacas are not Llamas

Vagabond Tim
A few weeks ago at some sort of farmers market I made the acquaintance of a strange lady named Pav who was selling Alpaca fur. Being that I was entirely unfamiliar with these strange things I inquired if I might come visit the farm and see them, she agreed readily as apparently locals are not stupid enough to wander amongst what amounts to tiny furry camels with unnerving accuracy while spitting.

I have since then had to explain on numerous occasions that Alpacas (Pictured on the right) are not in fact Llamas, however no one seems to pay much attention to my explanations.

There are a few key differences between the two, Llama visibly have ears, whereas Alpacas seem to be composed entirely of scruffy fur with a mouth on the front.
Llamas are larger and smarter animals, bred to carry packs and perform simple tasks, and from what I am told somewhat less likely to rush a human en masse while snorting and spitting in all directions.

Llamas and Alpacas do share some characteristics though, none of them enjoy being hugged or pet much, and both will spit acid like some sort of reject from the ALIEN movies when annoyed. They are exceedingly easy to annoy, for example a neighborhood cat wandering within sight is enough to provoke either.

Since Alpacas are essentially defenseless lumps of fur one often finds a Llama among their ranks as Llama have a hard time distinguishing themselves from quite a few furry critters like sheep, goats, alpacas or even hens.
These guard llama are usually solitary among their charges as, if there are a few of them they decide to have Llama friends instead of whatever creature humans want protected.

Some of the Alpacas have apparently gone mad and in a fit of vanity decided to sheer themselves

Some of the Alpacas have apparently gone mad and in a fit of vanity decided to sheer themselves

Alpacas come in a wide range of colours from black to white and various shades of brown… perhaps wide range is not the correct term

I am told that they are somehow able to see through this absurd fringe of hair but I have my doubts

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