The America’s cup is 16 years old not 162

Vagabond Tim
In 1851 the cup was won by the boat ‘America’ which as one might expect sailed for the United States. In 1983 it left the US for the first time, to visit Perth in Australia and somehow escaped being ravaged by Koalas and Dingos.

In 1986 the Kiwis collectively fell in love with a song known as ‘Sailing Away‘ which they wrote in the hopes of bringing the cup to New Zealand thus preventing its return to America. Unfortunately it was another nine years before they got the cup. The song was only #1 on the chart for nine weeks, which while impressive was not nearly long enough. Additionally the song refers to ‘a boat just called New Zealand’ when in actuality the Kiwi vessel that won the cup was named ‘Black Magic

So the cup returned to the United States for several years, this time visiting the west coast and presumably telling the other cups all sorts of interesting stories about the Aussies.

In 1995 the cup apparently got the desire to emigrate to a place that loved it so much they wrote a song about it and moved to Auckland in New Zealand where it lived in a nice case feeling quite safe and happy, sadly the second time the cup was outside of the United States since its creation in 1851 it was killed, on March 14th 1997. An unrelated note, this was the same day the American President Bill Clinton tripped and skinned his knee so badly he required surgery… a sad day for Americans everywhere apparently.

An ordinary happy day for the cup went horribly wrong. This Maori fellow named Benjamin Nathan decided that the cup, which was in no way related to New Zealand, its history, or his current protest against the government, needed to die. It somehow, according to his attorney, “represented everything Nathan despised and he felt a moral and legal right to attack it under the Treaty of Waitangi and the Declaration of Independence”

This story, the bit about the cup, not Bill, might have been publicized if not for a few important facts.
1. New Zealand had no desire to widely admit it had let “Auld Mug” die. The name ‘Auld Mug’  is some sort of oddly mashed Scottish/English thing essentially meaning old cup, a name I find quite peculiar given it was new when made and named and is currently not old enough to buy liquor to fill itself with.
2. There exist some racial tension elements that no one outside, and most people within New Zealand, have little to no understanding of, Namely the Māori protest movement.
3. Most importantly, almost no one in North America gives a damn about Yacht racing or some old metal cup that occasionally takes vacations in the southern hemisphere.

For reasons unknown, the original London manufacturers paid to ‘repair’ the cup despite the club failing to protect it and the one responsible for the damage being a living wage earning person. The strangest thing to me is that everyone described the cup as destroyed… in all likelihood the current ‘repaired’ cup is a replica that may or may not contain any part of the original cup.

Good lighting and clean glass makes for a happy and shiny cup (In this case the Louis Vuitton Cup)

Bafflingly enough numerous photos of the trophy cup are actually the Vuitton cup (From the previous picture) despite having no physical similarities

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  1. June 27, 2015 at 04:28 I really like and appreciate your post.Really thank you! Really Cool.

    I really like and appreciate your post.Really thank you! Really Cool.

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