And we’re back

Vagabond Tim
So after an absence of a year most everything is up and running again. We had some hacking issues, I don’t want to blame anyone in particular but Russia seems to be in the news a lot lately for that sort of this so I’m gonna be suspicious just in case.
In other news of no interest to anyone but me my new wheelchair arrived today. It’s all comfy and great etc but the brand new wheels squeak like a motherfucker on my floor. I’m hoping ordinary abuse will scar them enough to stop that, I’ll keep you posted.
I got a VR setup and as have spent far to much time on google streetview just wandering around Cairo and such.
My base of location will be Vancouver again at the end of summer so expect a great many posts featuring strange shit like the divisive political history of carved ducks…

I must reiterate that the site is still undergoing a lot of work. This video sums it up nicely

Not this one sadly 🙁

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