Learning To Like Banana Pankcakes

Vagabond Tim

Normally I have a bunch of pictures on the side of my posts, but I am not going to order a bunch of pancakes just to photograph them as an example. You’ll have to order them yourselves.
Or click here for Google images if you are that lazy, admit it you just clicked it didn’t you!

There have been a lot of backpacker trails carved around the world since international travel became possible for the average person, essentially one needs only a passport and a credit card to go almost anywhere.

The hippy trail was made from the 1950s and 70s, as the name implies it was mostly hippies traveling around Europe and South East Asia, there are still some remains of the hippy trail visible in India and Nepal today. Freak street in Kathmandu is by no means what it once was, but its interesting enough to warrant a look.

Since then there have been numerous waves of neo-hippies, eco-tourists, do-gooders, and people just interested in seeing what they could find. The most obvious result of this is something called the Banana Pancake Trail. Basically if you wander around to various cafe’s and restaurants you begin to notice that amid the menu filled with local items is the quite out of place banana pancake. Most of the time it bears more resemblance to a crepe than a pancake, but that isn’t the point. For some reason I cannot explain a lot of backpackers and tourists keep ordering these things, so the locals keep making them. Finding them on a menu is a sure sign of a few dozen other places in the area catering to tourists, from food to attractions.

There isn’t a specific trail or path involved, it’s more of an idea than an actual thing. Wikipedia places the blame on Lonely Planet guide books for directing so many people to the same places, but realistically they tend to cover areas already full of tourists. Just try to find an LP guide to Burma or North Korea…

Learning to like things like yogurt and meusli or banana pancakes will ensure that there is at least something you can eat when traveling. Obviously my suggestion is to order food at random and only after finishing it ask what you just ate, you will be surprised at the things you enjoy. Just a note though, following this policy caused me to eat raw horse, some kind of ray, and a squid while in Japan. Knowing what they are wouldn’t stop me from ordering them, but after eating them I am certainly in no hurry to order them again.


  1. Perrin
    April 1, 2014 at 01:12

    You did indeed eat that freaky food I put in front of you! Good man.

    • Vagabond Tim
      April 1, 2014 at 02:31

      More than that, later I subjected myself to the freaky things we didn’t get around to

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