Boonstock, a guest post

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I didn’t have time to actually attend Boonstock, also I am old… Also apparently lame… anyhow I managed to find an attendee willing to write a guest post about their experience at the future eardrum damage sufferers club, also known as Boonstock.

“Totally unorganized but on the bright side we got away with anything! No lines ups no long waits. It really wasn’t that bad. I guess if I would have bought VIP passes I’d be pissed ’cause they weren’t any different then general admission, but that’s not my problem.


I understand that I can’t bring my own water into the festival grounds due to the fact that it could be drugged, but they made me buy one of their tiny ass bottles and didn’t have at least a water station where I can fill it for free. They just expected me to buy 10 different bottles to try and stay hydrated.

After a bunch of people were sent to the hospital due to dehydration you think they would learn to, I DONT KNOW SET UP A REFILL STATION!! No, instead they started throwing water bottles off the stage. This was funny the first few times someone was smoked in the face with a flying water bottle, but then you come to the realization that you may be next.

Most people would duck and flinch and pray and then dive for the bottle. I suppose this would be hilarious if you were throwing the water. Of course throwing water bottles off the stage is not a good enough way to keep 8000 people hydrated! So they had yet another brilliant plan. LETS THROW GIANT CASES OF WATER FROM THE STAGE! again not such a good idea. As the night grew old they would hose us down with water from fire trucks because getting us cold and wet would totally keep us hydrated….Let’s just say the water was an issue.

On top of the water issues, IT WAS HOTTER THAN SATAN’S ANUS! 38C, in the shade, at night. Not to mention it was dusty as shit!

But it was a festival and I sort of expected these things. They did tell us to come prepared, to bring things to make shade and your own water, even though you couldn’t drink it where you might actually need it, LIKE IN THE FESTIVAL GROUNDS!

They didn’t have a liquor license (which was apparently a big deal) So we couldn’t buy booze whilst on boonstock grounds. It was a giant BYOB and to be honest I think they should have banned alcohol altogether. I mean idiots are annoying but DRUNKEN IDIOTS ARE THE WORST! It turns out you don’t actually need a country song for two drunken idiots to start fighting…

I would much rather chill out with a bunch of stoned people than be rowdy with drunken buffoons! Drugs are there whether you admit it or not and yes they are illegal but who cares, lots of stuff is illegal. Alcohol was allowed to be there and people were too dumb to choose one thing or the other, that’s when shit goes bad!


Drunk and high leads to death, do people not understand this… Either be high or be drunk, don’t be both…

actually just don’t be drunk. Drunk people ARE THE WORST!

So it seems as though I only have bad things to say but that is not the case, I had the time of my life! Even when the cops stepped in they were chill as shit and enjoying themselves while enforcing rules. Just because there are rules doesn’t mean we can’t all have a good time.

Every person I met was friendly helpful kind and AWESOME! We all partied as one. I felt so safe there I didn’t even roll up my windows as my car sat on my campsite. The location was breathtaking there was this mountain (which obviously you could see from anywhere on the grounds) and when night fell it appeared as though it transformed into some mystical snow wonderland! Trippy as shit sober or not!

The water of Lake Okanogan was beautiful and a nice way to chill out while you recover and prepare to party hard again. Because you can’t go hard when it’s so mother effing HOT!

Back to the water, a wonderful way to shower off some of the dirt OH and of course the friends you made while sharing shampoo and soap. Some ladies were even proudly shaving their legs but personally… AINT NOBODY GOT TIME FOR THAT!

The performances were AMAZE BALLS! I mean they all interacted with the crowd, had each person dancing like never before, everyone up moving smiling laughing and having a great time! The line-up was unreal, I don’t think I could have picked better artists myself!

On the 12 hour drive home I wished that I could do it all over again. From dodging water bottles while slowly dying from dehydration and heatstroke to chilling dancing and meeting new friends. Even now I wish that I could feel the feels I felt and get those same vibes on an everyday basis, but I can’t, that’s what makes festivals like boonstock so special!

It was a wonderful thing to see people put everything aside and just be friends. No one had a care in the world! To fully enjoy life and music! An event like this should open people’s eyes and make them realize not to take things so seriously because when else can you say fuck yeah I danced for 3 days and didn’t shower. And no, my smell didn’t bother anyone because we all stank! Hell, we were all sharing the same damn portapoties for Christ’s sake! that’s a bond you can’t break!

It was an unreal feeling, a release from everyday life and I will be doing it again for years to come!”

-Rae-ann Noel, Freelance outdoor festival attendee 😛

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