Bound for Bangladesh

Vagabond Tim
It’s my own fault. I had a feeling the other day and instead of squashing it I let it fester.

I was walking around Kathmandu and feeling like I was home.

Two days later I was being yelled at by Nepali immigration for overstaying my visa.

I have long questioned the justification for Visas, If someone wants to hang out in your country spending money why the hell would you tell them no? Or say OK, but only for three months. It’s like they don’t want money.

If I don’t leave by Dec 6 and stay out of Nepal until January 1st I will be banned from Nepal for the entirety of 2015.

So I said fine, be idiots, I’ll just go to India for a month.
India’s embassy then decided to drag its ass getting my Visa processed.
Apparently doesn’t want my money either.

So in two days I am headed to a place I didn’t realize was even a country until a week ago when this all happened.
Someone in Bangladesh should send them a thank you for being idiots letter.


The director of the immigration office wasted about an hour of my time after his subordinates had already wasted two hours. Thanks for being useless 🙂


The upside was that I learned of an apparent third gender known as DANGER. Apparently this gender has a tendency to tear doors off the hinges while defecating…

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