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Comic-Cons in general have a long history of being focused on rare and old comic books, inaccessible, and full of nerds, but in this age of crossovers and digital media the focus is spread over old television shows and movies as well.  Essentially weirdos from all over come together to gush over artists no one has ever heard of, in short it is awesome.

Calgary’s event consistently sells out months in advance so I had given up hope of attending this year when my cousin called and told me that he had an extra pass for entire weekend. I drove to the Calgary Stampede grounds as literally every event in Calgary occurs there.

After circling the lot for about 25 minutes looking for a parking spot despite having arrive over an hour before the doors opened I was about ready to begin stabbing the various superheroes and strange aliens meandering about.

On the way into the ticket office my mood was brightened quite a bit when I saw the most Doctor Who obsessed weirdo in attendance, or at least I saw his car.

I have a tendency to refer to things by their name and choose landmarks that are large and singular, this seems to baffle many people. Dale and I sent dozens of text messages back and forth before I was finally able to convince him I was where I claimed to be.

We began wandering through the various booths perusing the esoteric and expensive brik-a-brak when I happened upon an android hat sporting a bad mustache, it looked a lot like me so I had to have it.

There are an almost infinite number of costume choices for those who choose to dress up, a few perennial favorites are latex clad young lady and trench coat wearing heavyset gentleman.

The primary focus of these events was for a long time something of a swap meet/trade show arrangement, but recently the question and answer events with various artists have become far more worth attending.

Visiting the Torchwood spotlight was hilarious as I got to hear from John Barrowman (Cpt. Jack) who is somehow able to straddle the line between jackass and weirdo in a way that is not entirely appropriate for children.

An hour long presentation began with calling The Children of Earth the Schindler’s list of television, and fairly graphic description of some deleted scenes. They discussed the inception of the show and the difficulties in getting the show made in the first place. At some point John was asked about being an icon in the UK’s gay community, which contrary to British stereotypes, apparently does not have many icons. Gwen told about how certain she was that he ‘fancied’ her when they first met. Finally concluding by dashing my hopes of there being another spin off, but at least not killing the dream of Torchwood coming back to television.

There were spotlights on the X-Files, Game of Thrones, and another on Doctor Who. Followed by a rather useful little workshop on writing plays. The other highlight of my day was my cousin Dale’s friend who in my opinion looks just like Karl Pilkington.

Clearly someone who takes their love of the show a wee bit further than I do

Clearly someone who takes their love of the show a wee bit further than I do

The resemblance is uncanny

The resemblance is uncanny

I'll let you be the judge

I’ll let you be the judge

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