Taken 2: The Re-Kidnappening

Vagabond Tim
It has been about a year since I was voluntarily abducted and taken to an undisclosed location known as ‘The Resort’

Time makes memories glow more brightly with each passing day, it glosses over the bad and highlights the good. Despite this I was still fairly hesitant to roll the dice in leopard country again.

The conversation went thustly…

“But I will die man. I like living.”
“There probably isn’t any leopards though.”
“Probably? That doesn’t sound very reassuring.”
“Well it’s not like I went and checked.”
“Why not?”
“Are you crazy, that place is swarming with leopards!”

At some point I was convinced, though gun to my head I couldn’t say how. Maybe it was the gun… But I digress, often, it’s like I am not even paying attention. Anyway…

So we ended up at ‘The Resort’ with a few hostages, lets call them guests, who are vegan. That took some explaining to the chef. We boiled it down to simply that they eat the same things food eats, his response was something along the lines of “You know what else eats the food food eats… Food.” So we ate a lot of carrots and radishes along with a large quantity of rice.

David began a game of chicken with the cooks, betting that he could eat more rice than they could cook. It seemed a foolish quest, until he accomplished it. Other than that remarkable display of intestinal fortitude the weekend was leopard free and therefore a qualified success.


If we had bothered to check the photos before leaving we might have noticed the murderous glint in Arpan’s eye


As usual the Welsh Busking Tom is found beneath a guitar with the songs of his people echoing through the hills


It wouldn’t be camping without an inappropriately sized fire burning indoors

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