Canada: Characters of note : Doug

Vagabond Tim

Doug and I first met working at HempnStuff, as such he is the other half of ‘two guys’ as we were addressed most commonly by the owners wife. I went back to visit the store a year or so ago, and after struggling for my name for a moment she gleefully exclaimed ‘one guy’ which I suppose is close enough.

As is his custom Doug is sporting the recently woken up in a ditch look

I recently spoke to Doug and was informed that very shorty he will be a grandfather, I was alarmed as I recalled his kids being about 12 and 15, then I realized we had not spoken in almost five years.

I assume this was taken for a Christmas card that was never sent, or never sent to me

Doug’s family from what I remember is Dutch, not the fairly normal ‘oh he is Dutch’ kind, but the insane twenty foot tree in the living room surrounded by wooden clog wearing weirdos eating absurd amounts of dubbelzout which is made not with your ordinary Sodium Chloride salt but with its far more terrifying cousin Ammonia Chloride. For those of you not particularly interested in chemistry Ammonia and Chlorine are both toxic, but not compared to the candies

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