Canada: Characters of note : Penguin

Vagabond Tim

There are occasions where she appears less derpy, but none of which have photographic evidence

Rae-ann aka ‘Penguin’

When I was shopping for a souvenir I was trying to think of things an arctic avian would like, as a result I chose a monochromatic panda costume and matching slippers.

Currently residing twenty minutes outside of bumblefuck nowhere she has plans to leave the country with apparently no consideration that they might not let her back in.

In my defense she provided this photo knowing fully it would be posted online.

After much searching I was able to find a photo wherein she did not look like a putz, I suspect it was for some event and against her will

Bart, the dog featured in the background clearly does not understand the command ‘eat the guy with the camera’

As a child she was, as most children are, somewhat cruel to our puppy. This resulted in me convincing her of two things, first that pets evolve into humans and he would one day be her younger brother and thus she should be nice to him.

The second thing was that she was born a penguin and we stole her from a zoo.

Occasionally we would further the torment by mentioning that the government would be coming to take her back one day.

She did cry and occasionally hide when there was a knock on the door, but that is a small price to pay for the poor puppies well being.

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