Canada: Characters of note : Rookie

Vagabond Tim

This is about what Alex looks like in my memories, really young and really drunk

Alex AKA Rookie was still in high school when we met through a coworker at the hemp shop.

I was rolling around town with Justin with no particular destination in mind when he suggested we pick up some damn kid he was friends with, I reluctantly agreed.

So Alex opens the back door and immediately passes forward a joint, not just any joint but the most poorly rolled and decrepit joint ever proffered.

Earlier that day I had been playing with a crystal press recently acquired from work and had collected about a gram of so of pure THC, this was liberally applied to a blunt wrap buttered with hash oil and then filled with about an eighth, in short it was potentially lethal.

I have literally no idea where this photo comes from, but Alex appears to be all dressed up in a presumably ‘borrowed’ limousine

So being something of a prick I made some derisive comment or another and tossed the malformed abortion he passed forward into the ashtray and lit the insanity I had brought with me and passed it back without warning.

Alex hauled back on this thing and relaxed into the seat in a manner previously reserved for cats on valium, smoke trickled slowly from his mouth and nose indicating he was still alive but probably not conscious. Munchies setting in Justin and I made for Wendys but had the presence of mind to inquire if Alex was up for food. He indicated through labored hand gestures that he was but needed to stop at the bank first.

I was invited to the wedding although as far as I understand I successfully avoided being photographed there so none of you can prove I exist.

When we arrived at the bank machine the warning signs were all in place, he opened the door and poured onto the cement like a liquid, proceeding to shamble to the door labeled pull he began an earnest effort to push it open. As the minutes rolled by and our laughter subsided he finally managed to discern the meaning of the pull sign and entered the bank.  For a few more moments he struggled with the machine culminating with him screaming ‘give to me my money stupid machine’ and it consuming his card.

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