Fleeing the country

Finally having sold the house and escaped the plentiful and annoying realities of having a house and a job and so on I headed to the airport in the wee hours of the morning with my kid sister to fly across the pond. Sadly we did have to visit O'Hare airport in Chicago, which is...

Calgary Comic-Con

Comic-Cons in general have a long history of being focused on rare and old comic books, inaccessible, and full of nerds, but in this age of crossovers and digital media the focus is spread over old television shows and movies as well.  Essentially weirdos from all over come together to gush over artists no one...

Worlds largest Habitrail

Calgary is famous for many things, some of which are somewhat embarrassing. For example the ‘Calgary tower’ locally referred to by many as the prairie penis. This reminds me of the antenna atop Bender Bending Rodriguez, which leads to the slightly less famous but far more awesome feature of Calgary.

Escaping Japan

When I returned to Calgary the snow was ankle deep and being blown along by frigid arctic winds. I immediately regretted my decision to come home.

Calgary to Osaka

When the plane left the ground it became apparent that the clouds above us were in fact not merely clouds but some kind of ether with the consistency of bad soup, the windows streamed with a sudden accumulation of precipitation and the engines whined loudly as our small craft slowly rose through the brick like mass of fog alight with iridescent blues and purples.