Kidnappings and Muggings

Soon enough I will be able to post pictures of someone else suffering the horrible things I put myself through, hopefully it is as funny to everyone as when I do it.

Kathmandu revisited

I actually arrived a few days ago but between the jet lag, hangover, and scope of reconnaissance this post took a while…

The flight was 27 hours, most of which I spent asleep due to planes not being overly exciting environments. We missed our final connection and were thus potentially trapped and visaless in Delhi. Luckily they didn’t want us there any more than we wanted to be there so we were rushed through security and crammed onto a plane so old it had a call button to get the stewardess to bring you a cigarette. The fact that it had at least been repainted since the cold war was of little consolation as it wheezed to gain altitude, but hey I lived….

If this rooms a rockin…

So I was lying in bed when the damn thing started jumping and shaking like it was possessed. An earthquake with a magnitude of 7.5 hit Kathmandu and wrecked my neighbourhood and specifically my neighbours house.

So I wanted to start a hostel…

Had the landlord been honest about the problems with the place in advance maybe I wouldn’t have gotten angry enough to just give up and move in the middle of the day, that sadly was not the case

Of sharfs and men

The Nepali accent causes the addition of H’s at random. I have gotten fairly used to it and automatically translate non-words by dropping the H and seeing if the result is in fact a word. However this did not help when Arpan confronted me with the fact that we are out of laundry shope. Which…

Holi Hell it’s Paintmaggedon

Despite more than adequate precautions last year my camera still somehow ended up with powdered paint in its internal mechanisms. So there is a major deficit of photographs this year.


Taken 2: The Re-Kidnappening

Time makes memories glow more brightly with each passing day, it glosses over the bad and highlights the good. Despite this I was still fairly hesitant to roll the dice in leopard country again.

Shivatri 2015

[two_third] Last year I went to a bunch of temples and braved innumerable crowds. It sucked a bit. So this year instead we decided to get a few dozen close friends to overcrowd my apartment. Much like last year the air was a smoky impenetrable haze. In addition to smoking large quantities of things we also made Bhang Lass the result of which being that no one remained concious later than eight pm. In short it was a good party.

So you’re coming to Nepal…

10 fairly useful tips for those who intend to visit Nepal. I also recommend an iron stomach and unflinchingly powerful immune system, but there isn’t much one can do to ensure that.