Montreal: troisième partie

A small and well hidden set of stairs lead upward from St. Denis to one of very few sensory deprivation places still around. It was within walking distance from our hotel which was a bonus as the route took us past the lafleurs and enabled me to cross the steamie off my list. With luck...

Montreal: deuxième partie

Montreal`s Olde Towne or whatever the hell that is in french, probably something with an umlaut or a few éè's in it, is a fascinating mix of difficult to navigate alleys and walls composed entirely of tourists rendered immobile by the lack of clearly defined sidewalks. Despite the maddening pace akin to pouring bricks through...

Montreal: Première Partie

A few years ago I decided to finally get off my ass and go to BurningMan. I bought tickets and got the time off work, everything was looking good. It was only after all the preparations had begun that my loved ones informed me that they didn't actually think I would get tickets and so...

Minecraft – Cyberspace is a place

It had been a long time since I had visited Minecraft and so I decided to take a look around and see what new and interesting things had been added since Beta when I quit playing. I found myself enclosed in a small field full of flowers and devoid of animals, sadly one cannot eat…

Escaping Japan

When I returned to Calgary the snow was ankle deep and being blown along by frigid arctic winds. I immediately regretted my decision to come home.

Fun times in Osaka

I stepped onto the train intending to go one station and then switch immediately to the airport shuttle. When the doors to the train closed I turned and much to my surprise saw a familiar face, in a country I am not from, on a train I should not be on.

Kyoto to Osaka

Having absolutely exhausted myself climbing up and down a godforsaken mountain Perrin and I headed to see his girlfriend Mizue and have dinner before I went to my hostel and died. We had an hour or so to kill and neither of us felt like walking so we stopped for a coffee, tea for Perrin…


It was raining when I left Toyooka on a train to Kyoto, it rained the entire trip, a few hours at a mind boggling 250kph and it was raining when I arrived, supporting my theory that I in fact attract rain. I had two hours to kill until Perrin got off work so I decided…


I had intended to visit Gembudo on several occasions but the weather refused to cooperate until my last day in the area. When I woke up and saw the sun shining I knew I had to go immediately before the skies opened up again with torrential rain.

Kinosaki Onsen

My first impression of Kinosaki Onsen was that it was full of identically dressed people wandering about with wooden platform shoes, shoes that are more akin to musical instruments than footwear as evidenced by the horrific racket and near immobility of those wearing them. This immobility is fairly frustrating to one attempting to actually move…

Wandering in Takeno

I went a touch nuts taking photos of this gorgeous little village, the next post will contain some narrative but until then look at my vacation photos and like it.

Osaka to Takeno

Having completed numerous circuits of the station the very first businesses began opening. I was as a Canadian incredibly thankful that they served coffee and donuts, until of course I attempted to consume them.