A poor start to a tour in ‘Nam

I’m not saying ptsd doesn’t exist, or that war doesn’t fuck a guy up but…
If I didn’t already have MS the weed in Vietnam would most certainly have caused it. In short Vietnam has some notable upsides.

Of sharfs and men

The Nepali accent causes the addition of H’s at random. I have gotten fairly used to it and automatically translate non-words by dropping the H and seeing if the result is in fact a word. However this did not help when Arpan confronted me with the fact that we are out of laundry shope. Which…

Holi Hell it’s Paintmaggedon

Despite more than adequate precautions last year my camera still somehow ended up with powdered paint in its internal mechanisms. So there is a major deficit of photographs this year.


Taken 2: The Re-Kidnappening

Time makes memories glow more brightly with each passing day, it glosses over the bad and highlights the good. Despite this I was still fairly hesitant to roll the dice in leopard country again.

Shivatri 2015

[two_third] Last year I went to a bunch of temples and braved innumerable crowds. It sucked a bit. So this year instead we decided to get a few dozen close friends to overcrowd my apartment. Much like last year the air was a smoky impenetrable haze. In addition to smoking large quantities of things we also made Bhang Lass the result of which being that no one remained concious later than eight pm. In short it was a good party.

So you’re coming to Nepal…

10 fairly useful tips for those who intend to visit Nepal. I also recommend an iron stomach and unflinchingly powerful immune system, but there isn’t much one can do to ensure that.

Couchsurfers in Kathmandu

For the past few weeks I have been host to some wandering hobos and musicians. It’s nice to be able to show people around the city, it can be fairly intimidating and confusing when one first arrives.

Less than interesting times

I cannot understate the excitement of a New Years party in Bangladesh. The hotel made a noble attempt, but in a country with no alcohol and a different calendar it was seriously underwhelming. The musicians seemed on the verge of falling asleep. Those in attendance sat quietly at tables, presumably waiting for it to end….

Making My Hobo Cards

I needed some cards made, not business cards exactly, more like weird hobo who is sick of trying to spell things to people cards. It took a while to find someone with a wide enough selection of paper that wasn’t shiny and white. Not many people want their card to appear hand drawn on a…