There and back again

I am rolling along at an altitude of 5700 feet in a bus that was last maintained before my father was born, both sides of the road are shear cliffs and we have already lost two tires. In short I am about to die.

Saving Paul

The butterfly effect is a wondrous thing.
We never imagined we would be saving a life when we woke up this morning, if we had we might have been under the influence of a few fewer things…

Piracy in Pokhara

Pokhara is Nepal’s second largest city and for many the only actual place in Nepal to visit.

My tendency to steal boats made for an entertaining first day…

Adventures of Arpan

Dashain is the festival of abandoning Kathmandu to visit family back home. Wherever home is, this basically meant that I was walking around in a place that looked like a zombie movie.


So the locals take it upon themselves to put garland, not unlike a lei, over the heads of animals who have absolutely no interest in this festival or awareness of what’s going on. The end result of course is rather entertaining to imagine.

Sastō Ālu

The soon to be internationally famous recipe for Sasto Alu. Easily the most entertaining thing one can do with a potato in mixed company.

Strange days and delays

So assuming you have been paying attention you will have noticed a fairly sharp decline in the frequency of my posts. There are a bunch of reasons that involve poor internet connections and hoboing around Canada. I’ll just give you a quick synopsis of some of the random crap I neglected to write about.

Boonstock, a guest post

So…. I didn’t have time to actually attend Boonstock, also I am old… Also apparently lame… anyhow I managed to find an attendee willing to write a guest post about their experience at the future eardrum damage sufferers club, also known as Boonstock. “Totally unorganized but on the bright side we got away with anything!…

Cooking in Thailand

Upon arriving in Thailand I was informed that I had been signed up for a cooking class. This is not entirely a bad idea, as I have the ability to cause small house fires while making cereal.

The long journey home

First let me state that I am only here for a visit, it is mid summer and I have been cold since I landed. There is literally no way I would survive another Canadian winter. My next post will be all about Vancouver where I landed, but this one covers the trip from Cambodia and…