I might have mentioned this before but I often rely on being lazy to bolster my willpower. For example it is a huge hassle to go buy cigarettes so I quit. Anyway If I weren’t so lazy I would have ceased my all paste diet by stopping at Nando’s The craving for a roasted chicken…


The cravings for odd things are getting weird. Things I haven’t eaten in years like tuna sandwiches. I don’t even like tuna. Someone suggested it might be based on something my body needs, like mercury I suppose. I have clearly developed a mercury deficiency as a result of my paste only diet.

Moments captured

I’ve spent the better part of the last two weeks being very boring and scanning photos for my uncle… Inflict this on your friends

Semi-lethal tortillas

“…I was advised to use a plastic bag in case it touches my skin… That is not the kind of thing one wants to hear before putting something in their mouth….”

Why I fear krampus

Somehow this story keeps coming up so I figured I would just post the damn thing and save myself some time… Basically I fought an angel with a machete on Christmas and I am pretty sure I am due for a visit from Krampus…

My friends need your help

If we collected the spare change found in the pockets of the people reading this post I am confident we would overshoot the meagre target by a few hundred bucks. So do me a favour and harass everyone you know for whatever the have in their couches.

Impending Doom… and other stuff

After a long absence and spotty posting at best I am returning to the far and weird reaches of the Himalayas. A number of people made all sorts of ridiculous requests for things from Batman, a few others want salt candles… People are weird. Inflict this on your friends

Useful Advice

I know right!?

Me posting something useful instead of confusing ramblings about animals I brawled with. But here it is because you asked for it, literally people kept emailing me. Most of this stuff is already listed in the Travel section but I decided to put it all here as a reminder/way to keep people from emailing me >.<

Story Time, Now with 30% more robots

Every day I try to force myself to write for an hour. Literally one hour exactly. No more. So I often find myself either writing nonsense for a few minutes or ending things rather abruptly. It’s fun. Anyhow this is the result of one of those hours…

Of Christmas’s past

So I’m sitting around in Vancouver awaiting xmas, the house is fully defended against any overweight elven intruders regardless of how merry they do or do not appear. I am reminded of the absolute worst Christmas ever spent in the worst possible place to celebrate. I speak of course of last year in the alcohol…