A Fanta Voyage

The “popular” “beverage” Fanta has a very interesting history. Just like IBM made computers and Ford made tanks for the nazis, Coca-Cola made them Fanta.

And we’re back

We had some hacking issues, I don’t want to blame anyone in particular but Russia seems to be in the news a lot lately for that sort of this so I’m gonna be suspicious just in case.


I might have mentioned this before but I often rely on being lazy to bolster my willpower. For example it is a huge hassle to go buy cigarettes so I quit. Anyway If I weren’t so lazy I would have ceased my all paste diet by stopping at Nando’s The craving for a roasted chicken…


The cravings for odd things are getting weird. Things I haven’t eaten in years like tuna sandwiches. I don’t even like tuna. Someone suggested it might be based on something my body needs, like mercury I suppose. I have clearly developed a mercury deficiency as a result of my paste only diet.

Semi-lethal tortillas

“…I was advised to use a plastic bag in case it touches my skin… That is not the kind of thing one wants to hear before putting something in their mouth….”

Why I fear krampus

Somehow this story keeps coming up so I figured I would just post the damn thing and save myself some time… Basically I fought an angel with a machete on Christmas and I am pretty sure I am due for a visit from Krampus…

My friends need your help

If we collected the spare change found in the pockets of the people reading this post I am confident we would overshoot the meagre target by a few hundred bucks. So do me a favour and harass everyone you know for whatever the have in their couches.

Impending Doom… and other stuff

After a long absence and spotty posting at best I am returning to the far and weird reaches of the Himalayas. A number of people made all sorts of ridiculous requests for things from Batman, a few others want salt candles… People are weird.