Delays, distractions, and rodents

So I am sure most of you already know my book came out at the beginning of the month. This caused a lot of my time to be taken up doing a final proof on the print copy and downing Tylenol like it was ecstasy in 2001, so I haven’t posted anything in way to damn long.

Plans for Tomorrow

To any and all law enforcement officials. The following is not a confession and cannot be used as such in a court of law. I must insist that you desist reading at this point.

Smuggling is fun – A Salmmy Shortstory

Strangely enough Salmmy was already awake when Molly walked down the wall from her apartment to turn the lights on in the office. He hadn’t bothered to turn the light in the main office on, or unlock the door, or make coffee. She wasn’t surprised. As soon she turned the lights on he called out to her asking for coffee. She sighed as she walked toward the bezzera.

There and back again

So I haven’t been overly mobile over the last few weeks and as a result I decided to convert my living room into mission control for the Kerbal Space Program.
By connecting my television to the HDMI port of my laptop and taking the whole thing far to seriously I was able to induce a collection of couchsurfers to gather around eagerly watching the lunar lander with baited breath as it made its final uncontrolled tumble into the atmosphere at 2500 Meters per second. Our intrepid pilot Jebediah sat strapped into his seat screaming until he blacked out. We had to replace his space suit though, there was an… accident.

Adventures In Science!

Well… by science I mean the dessication of organic matter. Which is a fancy way of stating that I put a bunch of sliced fruit in a dehydrator. The first batch worked out pretty well and resulted in a bowlful of dried fruit that I consumed in under an hour. Needless to say I did…

27 members of the 27 Club

The ’27 Club This is a weird coincidence that spawned a myth, mostly because the people involved were famous. Essentially an incredibly large number of famous people die at the age of 27. It is entirely possible that fame simply begins to catch up with people at that age, but t However some of those…

A series of delays

So I haven’t posted anything since I left Kathmandu. For those of you I haven’t talked to since I came back to Canada I am alive and safely outside the range of the additional quakes hitting Nepal. There will be significant delays in posting as I try to sort out what I am doing over…

Fun Friggan Tastic Hostel

This isn’t a paid plug for the hostel or anything I just really like it. I actually came back to this hostel again after a brief visit to Hoi An, being a broke assed hobo that says quite a bit.

To catch a pimp

LEDs and modern vehicles filled the streets of New York in the 50’s. Americas economy was booming and there was money to be made almost anywhere. None of it seemed to find it’s way into this films budget however.
Oh also, New Yorkers of that time had pretty thick Welsh accents for some reason…

Advice for Travel and Life

I keep getting questions about local laws, customs, and so on. Most of the time it is because people are overly worried about something far too specific to write about. I wish people would just leave comments instead of emailing me or using social media to message me but…

So you’re coming to Nepal…

10 fairly useful tips for those who intend to visit Nepal. I also recommend an iron stomach and unflinchingly powerful immune system, but there isn’t much one can do to ensure that.

WTF is wrong with you people!?

A few times a day I remind myself that cultural relativism is important and that I should try not to be judgemental and so on. But some things aren’t cultural, they are the result of having ones head deeply stuffed into ones own ass.