Dashain is the longest holiday in the Nepali Calendar. I suspect this calendar has some causal effect on the rather flexible view people in Nepal take to time. Another interesting fact is that Nepal has more festival/holidays than anywhere else. The net result of this is that in several months I have never been witness…

Filthy Newspaper Thief – A Salmmy shortstory

The moon swam naked, a celestial exhibitionist alone in the inky black sky. Far above the street, not quite so high as the moon but still fairly high up, Salmmy stood before the window in his small apartment attached to his small shabby office. He gazed out onto the street for a long time before turning around slowly to address the prattling old bird.

Learning To Like Banana Pankcakes

Normally I have a bunch of pictures on the side of my posts, but I am not going to order a bunch of pancakes just to photograph them as an example. You’ll have to order them yourselves. Or click here for Google images if you are that lazy, admit it you just clicked it didn’t…

The America’s cup is 16 years old not 162

In 1851 the cup was won by the boat ‘America’ which as one might expect sailed for the United States. In 1983 it left the US for the first time, to visit Perth in Australia and somehow escaped being ravaged by Koalas and Dingos. In 1986 the Kiwis collectively fell in love with a song known as ‘Sailing Away’ which they wrote in the hopes of bringing the cup to New Zealand thus preventing its return to America.

10 Rules for traveling with Tim

There are many small rules we all impose on ourselves and others in ordinary life, these become magnified to an incredible degree when trapped together for a prolonged period of time. Anyone who has ever struggled to find a place to hide the body of a former loved one during a road trip because they wouldn’t stop singing show tunes can attest to a few things, firstly that dead weight is really heavy, and second that the most normal people can become intolerable without a few ground rules in place.

“Someday” is now

Many people have asked me why I am traveling. I was for a very long time one of those “someday” people. I saved money here and there but never seriously and took little trips to wherever. A few years ago my father died and left me a house full of memories and knick knacks, a…