Charlie’s Chocolate Factory

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Vagabond Tim
So since I am now in Burnaby and new to the area I needed to find a doctor. My new doctor happens to be located next to Charlie’s Chocolate Factory. I swear that fact played no part in my decision making process. That disclaimer made, I get to go to the chocolate factory a lot, and it is awesome.

You can smell the place from half a block away but maybe that is just me and my finely tuned candy senses. Charlies is actually three different stores. One sells candy, another chocolate, and the third sells baking materials and tools. The combination of these stores together means that anyone can now get diabetes at their leisure.

I am out of crane paper so I picked up some shiny metal squares, they are irritatingly hard to work with. Everything else I have purchased there has been top notch though. They have dark chocolate with chilis mixed into it and maple filled dark chocolate truffles. I think I may require insulin shots in the near future, luckily my doctors office is nearby.


When the inevitable happens, they still want you as a customer.


This corner alone probably matches my entire childhood sugar intake.


I think someone just gave up organizing the store due to an over-abundance of merchandise.


Oh dear god, a bulk sour gummy aisle. I am well beyond doomed. Also whatever the hell those things on the right are.

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