So you’re coming to Nepal…

Vagabond Tim
OK so you’ve made some bad decisions and found yourself on a plane heading to the friggan Himalayas, no time for crying now, the crying comes later.
Often a few hours after you eat a bowl of chilli momo.  It is usually accompanied by prayer.

Really the only thing left to do is give you a list of advice you will totally ignore and then swear I didn’t tell you.

So here is a quick list of things to expect and stuff you will probably want to bring with you or learn to live without.


And this is a big 1.

This actually applies to damn near any international flight.
Have a passport style photo on hand for entry visa, and 100$ USD for weird local fees.


Learn to love the bum gun or carry a lot of toilet paper with you.
Toilet paper can theoretically be purchased but its usually one ply and shitty… (no pun intended)


Remember that passport style photo I told you to get, well I meant get a page of them, like four at least.
In order to get a sim card in Nepal you need to provide them with a passport photo, a bunch of information including your fathers name and possibly profession. Oh also HIS fathers name. Ncell is the phone company to go with.


for the love of all things holy do not drive. You will die.
Taxis and such are fine, so long as it isn’t you driving.


You will probably get sick with something. It just happens.
From flues to intestinal parasites to worms you will catch ‘something.’
Drink a lot of filtered water and try to wash your hands after touching things.


Sidewalks, when present, are usually uneven and blocked with things.
Just walk on the side of the road, vehicles will try to avoid you.


Crossing the street.
Just walk across, see number 6


Unless you are trekking buy easily removed shoes.
Like most places that aren’t stupid (USA I am looking at you) Nepali folks take their dirty outside footwear off when entering buildings (Houses and Temples, not shops) so you will really hate retying your shoes every five minutes.


Due to altitude a very slight shift in any direction can drastically change the weather.
Do some research and pack appropriately, lugging around a heavy coat you don’t need really sucks when it is 30C outside.


Shaving cream is hard to find, not impossible, but hard to find.
My advice is to just get a bit fuzzy, this applies to ladies too, just deal with it.





My flatmate Arpan looks like a terrorist in almost every photo

They look cute, but they are devious little monstersIMG_20141201_121626696

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