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Dashain is the longest holiday in the Nepali Calendar. I suspect this calendar has some causal effect on the rather flexible view people in Nepal take to time. Another interesting fact is that Nepal has more festival/holidays than anywhere else. The net result of this is that in several months I have never been witness to what I would consider to be a full work week.

In short Dashain is the time when everyone in this city goes back to visit family in whatever area they were born in. This means the city looks like a zombie movie, with empty streets and shuttered shops.

I haven’t done anything in the past week or so as a result of Arpan along with essentially everyone else I know in Kathmandu having been away. So I am having a hard time actually writing a new post…

I saw some bees fighting hornets, it was awesome, but my pictures sucked.

I noticed an interesting difference between ‘The West’ and South East Asia. There was a landslide between China and Nepal about 3 months ago and it is still affecting shipping. If the west had a godzilla attack followed by an ELE asteroid impact, 3 hours later shipping would be up and running.

I also discovered that I make terrible French toast, who knew one could even screw up French toast.

I find myself running around in sandals quite a bit which sucks because they always seem to be trying to fall off the left side of my heel which causes my foot to impact on the side of the damn thing.

Arpan is taking innumerable pictures while away and will be regaling me with postworthy events in a few days, so until then I hope this rambling keeps you entertained.

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