Delays, distractions, and rodents

Vagabond Tim
So I am sure most of you already know my book came out at the beginning of the month. This caused a lot of my time to be taken up doing a final proof on the print copy and downing Tylenol like it was ecstasy in 2001, so I haven’t posted anything in way to damn long.

I’ll post a link to the print edition as soon as I sign off on it, most likely in the next few days. Until then though I shall regale you with tales of my house guests the ratfaces Cider and Cipher. For descriptive reasons I will be referring to them as the blonde and the brunette.

A few years back I bought this silky sleeping bag thing, it provides no warmth or anything but does serve as an effective barrier against creepy monsters at night in some of the weirder places on earth. Mostly lizards… Anyhow, this bag has now been pressed into service as the laziest way to play with the rats. I just throw a couple toys and such in the bag along with my feet, and ensure they don’t escape out the top. No need to prevent them eating anything weird or climbing behind something and getting smushed, the only downside is that they have a tendency to bite socks and any foot unlucky enough to be inside said sock.

So far I have determined that the blonde likes bananas but is not over fond of apples, the opposite is true for the brunette. This poses a problem as I am forced to consume the remainder of two different fruits, I guess I could put them in the fridge or something but… Fruit…

Hopefully I will get around to posting an excerpt of the other thing I have been working on, it’s sort of the memoirs of a madman, an interesting madman, probably the most interesting griftiest bullshitting madman I have ever met… It’ll be fun.


The rats received Ratmass gifts 😀


A tiny hat that is proving REALLY hard to get pictures of them wearing and chocolates which ended up being eaten almost instantly… By humans, don’t tell the rats


The ‘sleeping bag’ that is hopefully inescapable by rat monsters

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