Escaping Japan

Vagabond Tim

Having secured a flight out the following evening I now had two days to kill and was already fairly over budget on the trip so I decided to his hostelworld again and see what the cheapest dive I could find would cost me. What I found was amazingly charming, a tiny hole in the wall next to a fairly large and respectable looking hotel in what I learned later was Osaka’s famous red light district.

Learning this fact helped to explain the signs posted around the building advising guests that they may not have overnight visitors and all visitors must leave by eleven pm. My thoughts at first were that if one had friends in the area why would they be staying in a hostel?

When I arrived at six am the doors were closed and the sign advised me check in was after one pm. As I stood staring in horror at the sign the door opened and the woman whose name now escapes me told me I could just wait/sleep in the common room until my room was ready.

After having slept until that evening I awoke in need of food and finally able to walk properly again I set out. The hostel staff again proved themselves to be more than helpful as one of them provided me with directions to two different Ramen houses.

The Ramen house I ended up visiting was surrounded by graffiti and homeless people, or perhaps hipsters it is often difficult to tell. The machine that one buys a ticket from was devoid of pictures and covered in writing I could not read so I simply chose something within the price range I felt appropriate for food at the time and received my ticket.

When the chef brought me a bowl full of some kind of red liquid with noodles and what I hope was some kind of meat I was rather pleased with my choice as it smelled edible and soon proved to be just that, edible.

The following morning I made my way to the airport and was on my way home. The flight they had rescheduled me for was to San Francisco then Denver then finally to Calgary.

The trip home was largely uneventful and by this time I was to worn out to do much more than find my next gate and sit until boarding.

When I returned to Calgary the snow was ankle deep and being blown along by frigid arctic winds. I immediately regretted my decision to come home.

Buying a ticket for Ramen from a machine then eating whatever they brought me

The previous guest clearly had a good time

I absolutely loved reading all the messages others left behind

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