Fighting with Brent Spiner

Vagabond Tim

I hope one day he visits my site so he can tell me how much it sucks, it would be only fair

Several years back I was at Comic-Con in Calgary at the same time as Brent Spiner. Well I had recently been trying to purchase his new album from his website in a fit of masochistic self loathing, and encountered no end of errors and redirection, in short it was not a positive experience.

While I was walking around I noticed they had seated him next to the booth for Leonard Nimoy and thus his table had a surprisingly short line and I decided this was the perfect opportunity to air my grievances.  By the time I got to his table I was almost ready to instead gush about my love of Star Trek and thank him for the many hours of happiness he brought to my childhood, but alas this did not occur.

The first thing I said was “Hey I was trying to find your new album” to which he replied “ya, it is on my website, where have you been!?”

I explained that where I had been was on his abysmal website and that he owed me several hours of my life back, that is about the time the exchange became a bit heated. Now given that we both find ourselves hilarious and have a well known affection for the sound of our own voices this was apparently quite entertaining for the masses gathering behind me in line.

Upon returning home I revisited his site and found it had been updated and most likely the cause of my earlier distress was simply poor timing on my part, there was a section where one can order a signed copy of his album with a personal message written upon it.

To date I have still not received my copy of Dreamland embossed with an apology for his website being a pain in my ass.

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