Finally fixed my phone

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Vagabond Tim
My Phone

My Phone

For a long time now I have been patiently awaiting a software update from Wind Mobile. After over a year I decided to take matters into my own hands and root the phone. This was simple enough until I accidentally  installed a Rom designed for a similar phone which seemed to work fine until I tried to use the phone whereupon I discovered it would no longer connect to the network.

So I checked the about phone information and it claimed that not only was there no SIM card but it had no idea what a cellular network was or how to connect to one. It was then that I began to suspect I had broken its brain.

So I began a laborious and time intensive process of rebuilding the phones Baseband and Kernal, a week or so went by before the phone claimed everything should be working. I installed the SIM card and it still showed no Sim despite appearing to be fine. Another day or so of redoing all the earlier rebuilding steps I had absolutely no luck with the phone.

CyanogenMod-7.0-Android-2.3-Custom-ROM_575pxIt was then that I noticed the SIM card was in upside down, feeling slightly retarded I flipped it around and powered up the phone to find it worked perfectly.

Long story short that is why tech support asks so many stupid questions when you call them, as no matter how much you know there is always a chance you are being an idiot and missing something obvious.

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