Finally learning to play an instrument

Vagabond Tim

I have long dismayed at my inability to play an instrument and been forced to do vocals whenever I play Rockband. As a result I, for some reason, bought a harmonica. While this is possibly the most hobo style hobby I have ever engaged in, I did at least make the effort not to buy a five dollar one bearing the image of snoopy.

After much research into the best and cheapest options I was able to find one that was quite high on both lists and available locally, the Hohner Special 20 Marine Band.

Now it is important to note that other than Auld Lang Syne I cannot play anything on it, however in my brief time with this thing I have learned some rather odd things I did not know about harmonicas.

Firstly they despite being south of 50$ can be completely cleaned and have parts replaced, which to me seems a bit strange unless one was emotionally attached to it for some reason. Secondly and I am not sure the musical terms to put this in, the harmonica is treated as a kind of vocals in that its notes are on syllable and parallel to the vocal notes rise and fall.

For those of you with a desire to annoy others and looking like a recently paroled hobo I would totally recommend purchasing one as they are cheap and easy to learn.

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