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When I as a small child in school we had a ‘peanut kid’ who we were told would die, explode, or something bad anyhow should he encounter even the smallest traces of peanut. From my perspective as a child this essentially meant do not touch Bobby or his stuff, for him it meant not sharing pencil crayons.

Some time after I left school it was decided that kids with horrible life threatening allergies were no longer even partially responsible for their own safety and peanut products were banned. This makes a certain kind of mindlessly short sighted reactionary sense, until you consider that children are universally allergic to vehicle impacts and are taught to look left and right before crossing the road, its not like we banned vehicles anywhere that might contain children.

The second reason this bothers me so much is that my younger brother is as allergic to bees as one can be, and rather than exterminating the species, he was advised to carry an epinephrin pen. Now you might not be familiar with bees or peanuts, but only one of them actively seeks to come into contact with small children, and it is the one we do not concern ourselves with.

I realize that many parents are offended by the idea that they bear some responsibility for teaching their children not to die, but this infringing on the rights of every other student on the off chance that your child is to stupid to live must end. I am all for having the school be required to have epinephrin on hand, that would cover bees, shellfish, peanuts, and whatever other thing your kid finds life threatening.

There was a time when this plant was considered a food and not a WMD

There was a time when this plant was considered a food and not a WMD

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