Fun Friggan Tastic Hostel

Vagabond Tim
This isn’t a paid plug for the hostel or anything I just really like it. I actually came back to this hostel again after a brief visit to Hoi An, being a broke assed hobo that says quite a bit.

Funtastic hostel has two locations in DaNang, one right near the beach which is great on a sunny day, and the other downtown which is actually a better location if you want to visit the city. They have a remarkably sarcastic attitude that really cannot be captured in pictures. The signs and artwork all over both locations are fucking hilarious. Breakfast is great, checkout is late (Noon), and the staff is insanely friendly and helpful as well as really fluent in English which helps a lot. I could gush about the layout of the rooms, the common area with a PS3 and massive TV, and a bunch of other shit but suffice to say if you are coming to DaNang, stay here!


I have yet to see this counter without her at it… I suspect she lives here


Other than the pile of hobo luggage (Mine) in the corner my room is really really nice

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