Give a man a fish foundations

Vagabond Tim

Few things cause me to want to reach into the television and choke someone more than the commercials for these sickening organizations.

Let it be stated very clearly : Giving someone food does not cure endemic starvation!

I will limit my argument to Africa as despite the issues being nearly universal among famine blighted areas the specifics are not.

Africa is the worlds second largest continent and potentially largest producer of minerals, this however requires substantial infrastructure and a unified legal system. More food is produced locally than the population could possibly consume, however the majority of it rots far from those who need it due to the lack of good governance. The old adage about teaching a man to fish seems to have been forgotten somehow.

One is very hard pressed to find a group advocating the donation of food or resources alone, aside from those who depend entirely on these donations to line their own pockets. Historically the donation of items to areas impoverished by the presence of local warlords has resulted in those resources either not reaching the people at all, or arriving only after being repackaged as gifts from the warlord in question thus increasing the stranglehold they have on the local populace.

This should not be taken as an attack on charities in general, rather on those organizations that pocket over 50% of the donations and flippantly claim that they are helping without any thought to the actual consequences of their work.

This behavior is by no means limited to charitable organizations, the largest offender of this kind is the United States sadly, they have tied foreign aid to catastrophic drug laws, religiously biased policies and in many cases continued exploitation of the supposedly ‘helped’ peoples now living under an installed puppet dictator.

In summation I beg anyone considering a donation of any kind to these areas consider some of the drastically underfunded agencies that do not spend millions on advertising.

Take for example Engineers without borders. They are completely transparent in their use of funds.

Or if one is determined to provide a tangible item consider the One Laptop Per Child group.

or failing all of that, if you want some comedy to go along with your charity you can take the sting out of famine by sending swarms of stinging insects.

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