Gratuitous Product Placement and a book review

Vagabond Tim
I recently purchased a Kobo (like a kindle but less popular) and with it a copy of a book I swear I wrote a report on but never read (Thanks Coles Notes), The Giver.

There are dozens of these things on the market and I spent quite a lot of time comparing them, partially due to being cheap, mostly due to being poor.

Some of the larger and more expensive models have colour screens and play music and movies as well as a host of other features I have no need for in that I own a laptop.

I am quite bothered by the attempt to blend E-readers and tablets as the primary function of an E-reader is to have absurd battery life and be easily read in all kinds of lighting environments, where tablets are more concerned with optimal viewing in optimal conditions which results in glossy full colour battery eating screens one cannot see while sitting outside in the shade.

That said the 7″ screen looks at first glance to be perhaps a tad small, but almost exactly mirrors a single paperback page, and manages to fit nicely in a shirt pocket, unlike damn paperbacks.

Having gushed about the reader I am now moving on to complaining about The Giver.

This was one of many books I was to busy reading other things to read when it was assigned in class, so while I knew the essential plot I was unaware of how deeply unsatisfying the ending was. Many young adult books begin their life as a short story and are later expanded with details and additional plot arcs that are consistent with but not necessarily part of the original short story, for example the Enders Game series.

Unfortunately this process seems to have only been partially applied to the giver, as it reads like a really long short story, explaining nothing beyond the most critical elements of the plot and ending around the point where the set up for a story has been completed and ordinarily one begins the actual plot arc of a book.

In summary it is a damn good thing it can be read in an afternoon, as any greater investment of time would leave the reader quite bitter.

Has a solid free library if you are into really old books

Has a solid free library if you are into really old books

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