Innapropriate fundraisers

Vagabond Tim

Every year I am reminded of how stupid fundraisers can be, I applaud their efforts but would like to see a little more sense applied to their choice of events. I have MS and like most suffer from pretty intense and unpredictable vertigo. The result of this is that I no longer ride a bike as it really sucks to be cruising along and then suddenly find you have smashed into the ground at high speed for no apparent reason.

So it is time again for the bafflingly stupid MS bike ride, an event in which I would love to participate and have a personal stake in, however I am unable to participate for the very reason I am interested in doing so.

So what I propose is a series of equally hilariously poorly chosen fundraising events with the funds all going to advertising to raise awareness that activities limited to the able are perhaps not the wisest choice for the disabled.

To start with I would like to see a wet T-shirt contest for breast cancer (apparently someone beat me to it), not only would this be a raging success with some demographics but it would also be terribly inappropriate and potentially offensive.

Shortly after the conclusion of this event we could have a calligraphy for Parkinsons event, while this would be less successful it would be far funnier especially if entrants are given fountain pens.

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