Japan: Characters of note : Ashley

Vagabond Tim

While I cannot tell the difference I have been assured this is a Yakuta not a Kimono

Ashley lives in the furthest reaches of Japans wilderness, the town is full of bears and giant bees that wake you up in the morning by dancing on your face.

One of the few people who truly lives by the platitude sing like no one can hear you etc… the sad truth being we can all hear the melodic voice-over narrating our actions in real time.

Her love of Rilakumma does border on a mental condition but not one recognized by the DSM-IV diagnostic criteria.

It seems the only way to find a picture of her where she is not flashing the peace sign is to hand her a microphone

There are actually a few recordings of us at Karaoke but they require significant editing before being posted as there is about an hour of silence at the beginning, stay tuned for that…

Another very rare photo that has neither relax bear or a peace sign in it

Some of her students despite being under six years old have rather unexpected and inexplicable English phrases in their vocabulary. For example when one of them was being chastised for being irritating in class the child behind him began shouting WHY!? WHY!? and he joined in with “I’ma Nota Guilty!”

This being a rural Japanese school I am entirely at a loss to explain this other than to blame video games in much the same way I can attribute the vast majority of my knowledge of Japan to imported games from my own childhood.

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