Japan: Characters of note : Perrin

Vagabond Tim

I requested a photo, he did not respond so I used the one I had

Perrin and I met around fifteen years back while living on a mountain, it was far less interesting than one might expect. When I heard he was living in Kyoto I knew I had to commandeer his couch and eat all of his food.

Years back we played Dungeons and Dragons quite a bit which resulted in innumerable arguments and the occasional bout of fisticuffs.

When I learned he had fled the country and gone wandering around Asia I was not surprised, I enjoyed reading his rather well written reviews of various temples however since beginning work on his upcoming book for National Geographic it has become defunct and covered in dust and thus there is no available link to provide.

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  1. The Vagabond
    March 15, 2013 at 09:09

    My friend Perrin aka This Guy co authored a travelers guide to Japan, which is impressive as I did not know he could read

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