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Gensan is a local mascot or spirit depending on how you look at it.  He is a hard drinking and fairly angry fellow whose head is the same shape as the rocks found naturally occurring in the Gembudo caves.  I shot some footage earlier of the waves crashing on Takeno beach, it was only upon visiting Gembudo that I realized the rocks that break the waves are made from these same caves.

Since a bunch of my coworkers had requested key-chains from Japan and I do not see a difference between Key-chains and cell phone bangles I ended up purchasing a few of them with various Gensan decorations.

I ended up seeing him virtually everywhere I went in the Toyooka area, the strange thing is that no one outside the immediate area seemed at all familiar with him which leads me to believe there is a colossal conspiracy to hide the fact that the local children idolize a drunken chunk of stone.

Terrifying variety of Gensan items aside I found him to be a fairly endearing reminder of the absolute isolation of the area, something not very common in Japan. I actually miss seeing him at least twice every time I go shopping, although on the upside since my return I have been able to identify far more of the foods I am purchasing.

I was tempted to purchase some Gensan underpants although I was somewhat confused by the implications of having a tiny drunken slab of granite plastered across my crotch.

I found this cutout of Gensan at one of the information areas in Gembudo. A few people have pictures with their faces in the small circles although I am again baffled by what could possibly be occurring here.

It was somewhat unnerving to have the tiny little face that had adorned all manner of doodads suddenly towering over me, partially due to it being huge and partially due to my somewhat vertically challenged personage.

I am not sure what Gensan is objecting to here, but he seems quite opposed to it

Gensan if only really happy when he has sake

It is fairly astounding how much the locals love Gensan

I am not sure if this is Gensan making the cavern rocks look like him, but I have my suspicions

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