Kyoto to Osaka

Vagabond Tim
Having absolutely exhausted myself climbing up and down a godforsaken mountain Perrin and I headed to see his girlfriend Mizue and have dinner before I went to my hostel and died.

We had an hour or so to kill and neither of us felt like walking so we stopped for a coffee, tea for Perrin as he is a sissy, at the most effeminate cafe on the planet, every beverage came with a plate of fruit cubes and some mysterious sauce that bore some resemblance to syrup.

When we finally caught up with his girlfriend whose name sounds like ‘me zoo ay’ they began quickly listing and discarding ideas for places to eat while I watched peoples umbrellas bound along above the crowds, no doubt soaking all but the shortest among them.

Finally they had decided on a particular restaurant quite some distance away. Upon arrival I was happily surprised to find I recognized absolutely nothing pictured on the menu and would be able to simply order at random,to which I had become somewhat accustomed.

After having cooked what I believe to be ham in some kind of oil suspended only by what appeared to be a coffee filter, and consuming several questionable sea creatures we decided to call it a night and I began walking to my hostel.

I was very glad to find my hostel was near the train station I would need to return to Osaka in the morning. My phone had again died so I was unable to take a photo of my own.

When I awoke in the morning I could not stand properly and the prospect of wandering around town all day with my insane backpack was about as appealing as a bowlful of broken glass. So I headed across the street and to the train bound for Osaka intent on arriving at the airport twelve hours early and writing many of these posts before leaving Japan.

When I got off the train at Shin-Osaka I immediately realized it was not the station I had spent so many hours camped out in previously, I turned to re-board the train but it had already begun careening madly to the next station. As luck would have it this was Japan so another train was arriving in mere minutes, and that is when my plans for arriving home on time became horrifically derailed.

The first warning sign was the basket beside the table for holding ones purse

The first warning sign was the basket beside the table for holding ones purse

I would absolutely recommend this place.

I would absolutely recommend this place.

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