Kathmandu revisited

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Vagabond Tim

I actually arrived a few days ago but between the jet lag, hangover, and scope of reconnaissance this post took a while…

The flight was 27 hours, most of which I spent asleep due to planes not being overly exciting environments. We missed our final connection and were thus potentially trapped and visaless in Delhi. Luckily they didn’t want us there any more than we wanted to be there so we were rushed through security and crammed onto a plane so old it had a call button to get the stewardess to bring you a cigarette. The fact that it had at least been repainted since the cold war was of little consolation as it wheezed to gain altitude, but hey I lived. On to the post…

Quite a bit of stuff is still partially broken, but a lot of it was partially broken in the first place so I suppose it is ‘fixed’ now…
I am sure there is a bunch of things one could say about how the government handled things or is handling them now but after Robert Penner got sent home for talking shit it seems like it might not be a wise choice.

Getting specific, Boudhanath seems to have been largely put back together although all the pretty art is in an adjacent building and there is still scaffolding everywhere. Hopefully by this time next year one will not be able to tell that it was ever damaged as heavily as it was.

While I keep walking around remarking on how this door used to be blue and that such and such isn’t as nice as it used to be like the cranky old man I am rapidly becoming, my brother decided that perhaps instead he would visit things I had never been to. Specifically the central zoo. This zoo has exotic exhibits like guinea pigs, white mice, and budgies… Oh also elephants and tigers, but every zoo has those. Dave attempted to coerce a red panda into a photo shoot but it was having none of it. Pictures to the right.

I personally dislike Thamel, it is loud, crowded, and full of drunk white kids. However in the interest of being thorough in my reconnaissance we spent a day walking around. Quite a bit of the area has been entirely rebuilt however it seems to have been again constructed to attract that particularly annoying crowd.


Not the typical Kathmandu monkey, I wonder if he speaks ‘Monkey-Nepali’


A fantastic example of chain link artistry, also a tiger.


There is no audio but that panda is clearly telling Dave off


In the bowels of the dread guinea pig warren


  1. katrina birch fikar
    katrina birch fikarReply
    May 18, 2016 at 20:19

    Glad u 2 are having fun

  2. Claire
    May 18, 2016 at 22:33

    And what about Flavors Café? And Dipankara?

    • Vagabond Tim
      May 20, 2016 at 10:03

      Both intact and apparently undamaged. The little lady was working at flavours but I didn’t see the wee fella

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