Kidnappings and Muggings

Vagabond Tim

So in spite of my numerous attempts to terrify him with tales of leopards and meats of unknown provenience my brother has foolishly agreed to spend a weekend at ‘the resort
As many of you undoubtedly know this shack located in the middle of the friggan Himalayas lacks power, running water, and a basic first aid kit. Not that one tends to need first aid after a leopard attack, those fellows are fairly thorough.

While I arrange to have him grabbed by my friends and his head put in a bag he is absently wandering around talking to monkeys and things. It’s sort of an innocent idiot whistling, think of Karl Pilkington only happy.

While wandering around he decided to buy a coke, it was hot after all. What he neglected to note was that he was being stalked by a thirsty monkey. Somehow Dave managed to scare off the monkey after it scaled him and attempted to wrestle the bottle from his grasp. What surprised me most about this was that the damn thing did not call for reinforcements. So unlike when I was mugged by a monkey he somehow survived unrobbed and with an intact face.

In less entertaining and more upsetting news we have had eight earthquakes so far this month, thankfully they are all in the range of 4.0 and therefore are totally not dangerous. Between that and the fact that it keeps raining whenever we try to go anywhere so there are very few pictures.

The protests are getting a bit angrier as the response to last years earthquake continues to be basically nothing, destroyed homes and such are still destroyed, the promised rebuilding funds are nowhere to be seen, and somehow all of the tourist attractions are already rebuilt… I don’t particularly want deported so I will stop well short of my honest opinion of those in charge but I urge you to google some things like #IamwithIshan


It didn’t take much convincing to put him to work in the momo sweatshop known as my living room

It isn’t hard to tell which ones were made by Dave and I


Karl Pilkington for reference


  1. Punam
    May 28, 2016 at 11:37

    wow!! its already been documented… “Tim ko Ghar” and guest are the kitchen’s head sometime 😛
    those momo looks pretty though it did’nt taste well 😀

    • Vagabond Tim
      May 28, 2016 at 12:35

      You have that backwards, they were delicious because you were in charge of that. They looked all crummy because Dave and I made them 😛

  2. Claire
    May 29, 2016 at 04:24

    Momos! Would love some Momos! And I don’t care what they look like, the taste is mouth watering!

    I housesat with a cat called Momo at Easter – he did look a bit like a dumpling.

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